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Blague du jour! Dans un «Hôpital psychiatrique», un journaliste demande au médecin: “Comment déterminez-vous s’il faut ou non admettre un malade mental?”

Dr: “Eh bien, nous remplissons une baignoire d’eau et ensuite donnons au patient;
(A). une cuillère à thé,
(B). un verre,
(C). un seau,
Et nous leur demandons de vider la baignoire.

Journaliste: “Oh, évidemment, une personne normale utiliserait le seau parce que plus grand.”

Dr: “Non, une personne normale pourrait tirer le bouchon de vidange! S’il vous plaît aller au lit n ° 39. Nous allons commencer des enquêtes supplémentaires sur vous!”
?? Tu as aussi pensé au seau, n’est-ce pas? Va au lit numéro 40! ……

Partage rapidement … Il ya encore des lits disponibles !!!

My tribute to Nordic Black Theatre / Cafeteatret

14212109_557518064454418_6928837046863192725_nI have to say that i am very thankful for Cafeteatret! I’ve been in many concert places in Oslo but nowhere do i feel at home like at Cafeteatret and here’s why:
The vibes & the energy there are good and the spirit of the place is positive. I believe this is due among other things because Cafeteatret is a place where there’s no discrimination. It’s the only place in Oslo where race is invisible and different cultures are not a reason to build walls but an enrichement to enjoy. Cafeteatret is not a place only for this or that but all expressions of creativity are welcomed thus it removes a great deal of the feeling of exclusion by being so including.
When i imagine the Paradise, that “place” where people go if they have been “good” on Earth, i imagine it like during an event at Nordic Black Theater (NBT). There you have whites, blacks, arabics, christians, muslims or buddhists, gays or straigths, coming together with no judgement or criticism.
Dominic Reuben always reminds to people that on Open Xpressions there’s only one main rule: “Maximum love and maximum respect”! I see that rule all over the house, not as a rule that people are forced to comply to, but it comes naturally like it’s something they breathe in the air of the house.
After years of going at NBT, i have to say that it’s the only place in Norway where after years, i still haven’t gotten the question “Hva driver du med?” (What is your occupation?). You know the critical question that you almost always get when encounting most norwegians. You know the question that make you sweat because you know by experience that if what you “driver med” is not found “interesting or impressive” enough by the questioner, there will be no deepening in the relationship and the conversation will be cut short.
Well, at NBT, i’ve never had to sweat for that reason because i’ve never felt that i was facing a critical point where i was to be judged worthy of conversation or not.
At NBT, people don’t care about “Hva du driver med”. Like small children they just want to play and be joyful.
NBT is the place where i’ve recieved most smiles & greetings the way we all know that it should be; natural! Not those false and awkward smiles – if we get one, that we see, let’s say in public transport.
Let’s talk about the personal. Kind, helpful and they know their work! Another good thing at NBT is that if you ask for something and recieve a no, you know without a doubt that the response you got was not motivated by your “wrong” skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. It’s the place where a no is not a hidden rejection.
One thing that i feel grateful about towards NBT which is important to someone like me with the genuine desire to see the world becoming a place where it’s safe to live, is that one of the positive consequences of their activities is that they are preparing the next generation to be One. When i see those events for children from all races and backgrounds coming together, dancing on a Djembe rhythm or singing african lyrics for example, you can be assured that those children will grow up, free of racism.
NB: I am not saying that NBT is the only good place in the town. I am saying that i wish that other places could be more, ehh, well, never mind…
I only have one wish which is that i wish NBT had a ventilation system that could refresh the public because gosh that place can be hot!!!
I recently gave another concert at NBT and when i wanted to write a few sentences to thank for the opportunity, all my gratitude flowed from my heart, and here i am, ending up putting it in the form of an article.

Well, Nordic Black Theatre / Cafeteatret, thank you for doing and being what you are. May you truly be blessed and from all my heart i say: “BRAVO!”

Gracefully yours,
Grace <3

My concert 04.09.16. A video featuring my friend Sereba De Lambert on the song “Zangalewa”. How beautiful that we can all “blend” this way. <3

Kevzta ! Concert review.




On May 5, I attended a concert that sparked a vibrant BRAVO in me and inspired me to write my first blog article. I wanted to make sure this brilliant concert gets a review, unlike almost all the concerts given by people who are not in “mainstream” music. I will make sure people hear about it. This is the concert of Kevin Mbugua, alias Kevzta!

I did not know who Kevzta was. I heard about him through my friend Jon Eeg-Henriksen, who plays percussions in his band, and who had warmly invited me to this concert. I went there without expectation, not knowing the artist, having never heard his music. I went as an act of friendship.

When I arrived at Nordic Black Theatre (Caféteatret), I first saw the beautiful appearance of the stage. Everything was spotless and was done so that one could easily understand that the artist about to give this concert took his business seriously.

Over the passing seconds, I saw the room filling up, the crowd flowing. From this I knew the artist already had a lot of fans who preferred to come and listen to him instead of enjoying the sunny day by going on a trip to a cabin or elsewhere. No, Kevzta was their priority. It said a lot.

The event posting on social networking sites stated the concert began at 19:00. I was there on time, but at 20:15, there was still nothing happening. I started to get impatient. But when the two young women who “warmed up” the crowd finally delivered their songs, they made me want to stay.

I was right, because from the first moment Kevzta took the stage, I knew something good would happen, that the evening would not be wasted. Kevzta started on the hubcaps and immediately transported his audience into the air. He gave his concert from heaven.

Throughout the concert, I was wondering if Kevzta had written his beautiful songs, and the answer is yes. Did he create such beautiful arrangements? Also yes! He has a beautiful voice, with a fineness in his voice and a mastery of notes. He is a talented singer who not once misplaced a note.

Kevzta is not only an excellent songwriter, arranger and singer, he is also a great dancer. Each song was accompanied by movements to express each emotion. He also has full control of the stage and is in perfect harmony with his team.

Kevta impresses. He surprises. It is not possible to guess an end. It is not possible to know where he leads us, but we follow him willingly because we know we’re in heaven and we are happy. And when the concert ends, we don’t want to leave the clouds. The audience looks at each other, impressed.

Yes, “utlendinger” (foreigners) in Norway got talent. The applause doesn’t end. And hearts and lips say in unison: “Kevzta, BRAVO!”

About Kevzta:


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Yes, I am a songwriter but it does not stop there. I have always enjoyed writing. I have written books that I never published and I’ve wanted to write a blog for a long time. 

My intention is to share from my heart with the hope that it might be truly helpful for someone else. 

I thank you in advance. 

Gracefully yours,
Grâce <3

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